Youth Philharmonic of Central Ohio


The Youth Philharmonic of Central Ohio (YPCO) is a symphony orchestra for young musicians founded in 2000. It is dedicated to providing musical enrichment to its members by promoting understanding and enjoyment of the orchestral experience. Musicians work in a collaborative atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on education and appreciation of the orchestral works being performed.YPCO provides an opportunity not only for individual musical growth, but also for establishing and developing friendships among young musicians throughout Central Ohio.YPCO performs two formal concerts during the concert season. 

Rehearsals are held weekly, Monday evenings from 7:00 - 9:15, September - November, and January - March. Rehearsals include sectional coaching sessions led by talented, professional musicians in Central Ohio.

Students entering grades 8-12 in the fall are eligible to audition for membership in the orchestra for the upcoming season.

Board of Directors:

Beverly Wedell, President

Linda Stieg, Founder and Past President

Elaine Siomko Dejarme, Secretary

Monique Riccobelli, Treasurer

Steve Wedell, Conductor

Donna McClure, Board Member

Donald N. Valentine, Board Member

John Anthony, Member